Friday, 17 December 2010

What I have received and what I have spent.

As the end of the year approaches and as my office are preparing the paperwork for an an audit. This exercise has been made difficult due to a substantial amount of paperwork being stolen from my office at a similar time to an ex member of staff also leaving.

It dawned on me that I have not made available the first year figures.

The figures below relate to July 09 to June 2010 incl`

General Expenditure Allowance First six months have been audited  
Received £44,131.42
Spent £66,084.77

Overspend £21,953.35

Travel to and from the Parliament I have used the exchange rate of 1.17

€33,921.81 /  £28,993

Distance Allowance received €9,263.50 / £7917.52

Daily Subsistence allowance

102 days @ €298 = €30,396 / £25,979.49

Article 22 allowance (extra travel anywhere in the world) This allowance is worth €4,148 pa. I have not claimed from this allowance. I did travel to Cuba for four days on a ongoing investigation regarding EU expenditure at a cost in excess of £2,500. I have personally funded this.

Article 23 allowance (Travel within member state) I have claimed £4,732 for the above period.

From 1st April this year I have been entitled to my ´4000 budget` worth €3604.66 per month From July to March I cannot account for as Nigel Farage MEP controlled this budget on my behalf. I did not receive a single penny nor was I informed (despite several requests) of the expenditure.