Monday, 21 February 2011

More coverage on the proposed undemocratic, expensive 73rd UK MEP

sentinel Image: sentinel

PLANS to install an unelected MEP for the West Midlands have been condemned as expensive and undemocratic.
Nikki Sinclaire, Independent MEP for the region, says the £2.1 million cost of the new MEP could be better spent on other things.
The Lisbon Treaty means the UK has been allocated an extra place within the European Parliament, and the Government has decided a Conservative MEP will be installed, based on the results of the last election.
But Ms Sinclaire believes it would make more sense to wait for the next elections in 2014.
She said: "It is ironic that, as North Africans struggle to elect their leaders, the UK government is appointing a politician to an otherwise elected body for the first time.
"When essential public services, such as libraries and the proper maintenance of schools, are being cut to the bone, the Government is legislating for another politician – I am sure this is not the way the public would choose to see their money spent.
"No gain for Britain, no gain for Europe, just a net loss for the taxpayer. The real rationale behind this is to allow the Conservative Party to shore up its ailing group in the European Parliament."

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