Thursday, 24 March 2011


A former British Conservative MEP, Den Dover (1999-2009), has been ordered to pay back £345,289 to the European Parliament and could also face prosecution for fraud.

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg today dismissed attempts by Dover to avoid repayment of the money that the European Parliament state was wrongly claimed between 1999 and 2008.

Dover made the following illegitimate payments from the allowance paid to MEPs to meet the costs of paying for staff:

·         £101,068 for three cars
·         £15,404 for office supplies and equipment,
·        £89,235 for postage and stationery
·        £100,735 for the costs of rent and renovation of Den Dover's 'office' which happened to be in his private home
·         £20,767 for telephone costs (MEPs get a separate allowance for all these office expenses, none of which are supposed to be paid from the staff budget)
·         £17,880 for 'entertainment’
·         £200 in donations to the Conservative Party

The Parliament also sought the repayment of £167,903 it claimed represented the costs of VAT that had not been paid.  The Court subsequently concluded that this was a matter for dispute between the British authorities and the former MEP.

Dover was ordered to pay his own costs.

Independent MEP for the West Midlands, Nikki Sinclaire, said:

 "I am glad that the authorities have pursued this matter and the court has ruled that publically-elected people are not above the law. Mr Dover has shown contempt for the taxpayers and abused the trust of the electorate."

Editor’s Note

British Prime Minister David Cameron expelled Dover from the Conservative Party in 2008.