Sunday, 13 March 2011

My anti positive discrimination message hits Spain

The 'politically correct' expensive car insurance for women
By: D. Rossell March 13 2011 | Comment

Are you a woman under 30 years and has a car insurance ? Well, you should know that because of policies favorable to women allegedly carried out by the European Union, your insurance will cost you a minimum of 25 percent more in the future.

MEP denounces as Nikki Sinclaire, the common European position in favor of equality has led to the outlaw rule allowing insurance companies to charge prices based on accident statistics .

According to these studies, as women have fewer accidents than men, they paid less. But the European Union, in favor of abolishing all discrimination , has asked the courts to speak out against this differentiation. So now not be possible to charge differently for men and women. However, failure to outlaw age discrimination : if you have 26, pay insurance more expensive than if you had 27. But the EU is only interested in issues of discrimination on gender and not age.

Nikki Sinclaire says that "equality between the sexes is incredibly important , but this decision in practice discriminates against women, who were best insurance rates to be better drivers. Once again, the European Union shows their ignorance and lack of common sense just to get things done politically correct. This time the insurance industry, which 250 years ago applied the statistics to set insurance premiums, has been stuck in these disputes. What's next? "Asks the MEP.