Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Meeting Bill Gates

Typically fraught and tiring week in Strasbourg, - and its only Tuesday!  But life in politics is often illuminated by a little ray of sunshine, and so this week I was delighted to meet and shake hands with Bill Gates, the founder of microsoft.
He joined us to discuss the changing priorities of development aid, and the need to find different approaches to our problems. 
I was particularly interested in his `Living proof` initiative that seeks to show where all the money is spent. The EU could learn a thing or two from him!
Whilst I might not agree with everything he said, and nor do I have much faith in the EU's approach to aid, it was an informative meeting, and it was refreshing to see his simple, no-nonsense straight talking approach to the task. This was a welcome contrast to the dour and two-faced world of EU politics.