Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vile Lega Nord MEP and UKIP colleague Borghezio agrees with Norwegian monsters manifesto

How on earth can UKIP continue to sit in the same group as this man?

Press Statement by Nikki Sinclaire MEP
On the atrocities in Norway, and the response of the Lega Nord MEP Mario Borghezio
My heart goes out to the victims of the atrocities that took place in Norway last week, and to their families. There can be no excuses, no justifications, this was nothing but an act of pure and unmitigated evil.
In protest against violent right-wing extremism, I resigned from UKIP's political group in the European Parliament, the Europe of Freedom & Democracy (EFD). I particularly cited the racism and homophobia prevelant in the Italian Lega Nord. As a result of my stand, I had the UKIP party whip withdrawn by the party leadership.
In the wake of this vile mass murder, one of those Lega Nord MEPs I particularly objected to, Mario Borghezio, a man with at least two convictions for racially motivated violence, including an assualt on a child, has gone on record as supporting the murderer Breivik. He stated that  “One hundred per cent of Breivik’s ideas are good, in some cases extremely good. The positions of Breivik reflect the views of those movements across Europe which are winning elections.”
I now call upon UKIP MEPs to distance themselves from this objectionable political group, of which Lega Nord is not the only party to contain members with racial convictions. As 76 families mourn their loved ones, now is the moment for UKIP MEPs to take stock, and act on their conscience, rather than remain in a political group with such extremists, purely on the grounds that they can earn more money by doing so.
For further information contact Nikki Sinclaire MEP on 07941 461255
Notes to Editors: Nikki Sinclaire was elected as a UKIP MEP in June 2009. She sits on the parliament's Human Rights Committee.
In January 2010 she resigned from the EFD group after her protests about far-right extremist elements were ignored by the party leadership.
Subsequently, Mike Nattrass, a UKIP MEP in his second term resigned from the EFD group for the same reasons as Miss Sinclaire.
More recently, Trevor Colman, also a UKIP MEP serving his second term resigned from the EFD group.

In 1993, Mario Borghezio was ordered to pay a fine of 750,000 lire following a violent assault on a Moroccan child in 1991. He appeared to justify this by alleging that the child was an illegal immigrant.
In July 2005, Mario Borghezio was found guilty of arson, having set fire to the belongings of some immigrants while they were sleeping under a bridge in Turin during a vigilante raid. For this he was sentenced to two months and twenty days imprisonment, which he avoided by paying a fine.
In September 2007, Mario Borghezio was arrested by Belgian police during an unauthorised anti-Islamic demonstration in Brussels.