Tuesday, 13 September 2011

500 Days not out! Middle England stands up for itself

Nikki's Ad Van with her poster in support of the people of Meriden

Eurosceptic MEP pays tribute to Middle England Activists

West Midlands Independent MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, has paid tribute to the residents of Meriden, the ´centre of England´ for their tenacity and activism in standing up to unlawful development on the Green Belt by travellers.

Residents have been manning a 24/7 protest camp for 500 days (Tuesday 13th Sept) and are awaiting a decision on a public enquiry from Secretary of State, Eric Pickles MP, due later this month.

Nikki being interviewed by Mercia FM

Ms. Sinclaire has been very active in the Campaign with many visits to the Camp over the last year or so including many late nights. Ms. Sinclaire has slammed the EU and the ECHR and the resulting Human Rights culture that has caused such misery to law abiding citizens.

New Labour and John Prescott were keen to adopt this culture that gave rise the his Circular of 2006 that allowed travellers to develop on Green belt land giving them special rights over ordinary citizens.

Ms. Sinclaire said "This is middle England at last standing up for itself, woe betide any government that does not listen to these people - their actions over the past year have restored my faith in grass roots politics and activism, when ordinary people speak, politicians should listen"

She also went on to call for David Cameron not to play abut with words an follow through on the Conservative Party's manifesto commitment to repel the Human Rights Act saying "If every Tory MP voted for this I am sure the rest of the necessary votes could be gleaned from other parties" adding "our communities and society is paying a heavy price for the "EU Human Rights Culture".

Nikki will be present in Meriden for the 500 day activities