Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Speech in Strasbourg, 16th November 2011: Just say you're wrong and dismantle this project

Mr President I notice the word competent is missing from the title of this debate.

For competence and financial probity are strangers to this project.
The very foundations of the euro were dug up when the commission allowed member states to ignore the convergence criteria of Maastricht.

For we all know that this is a political project not an economic one and political expediency will always prevail over sound economic rules.

What do you care about the ordinary person on the street, the EU has shown its utter contempt and arrogance on the detrimental effect your deluded economic policies have on their lives.

Maastricht had only four criteria that you negligently brushed aside and now your proposing a `six-pack` This exercise will fail and expose the soft underbelly of Europe

What confidence do you all project - Absolutely none,

Your answers to economic problems are more political solutions, more political and financial integration and more blatant disregard of democratic values.

Stop now my constituents say; it takes a wise person to accept they are wrong

Just for once, just once say you're wrong and dismantle this project.