Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Speech in Strasbourg, The EU´s Accounts are not signed off... AGAIN!

This is the text of a speech I just gave in the European Parliament concerning the accounts of the EU.

Mr President, what I find deplorable is the smug acquiescence of the EU in its continued failure to manage acceptable accounting procedures.

The people of the UK who are after all the second largest contributors to this project - are sick and tired of the EU and all of the corruption that goes on. Especially as people are witnessing severe cutbacks of public services.

What I find most alarming is the notion by the unelected Commission is the fact that because this happens year after year -17 in fact - that it is in someway acceptable.

It is clear that the EU has shown its inability to guarantee that it has legitimately spent taxpayers money.

This just underlines just how outrageous it is that the European Commission is seeking another increase in it's budget when there are question marks of billions of euros of expenditure