Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Speech in Strasbourg November 16th: Nikki says no to the Single European Railway Report

Unbundling of infrastructure management and operation of transport services is good, but we already have that in the UK.
Calling for additional financing in member states for TEN-T is problematic at the time of an economic crisis. In fact, in my country the cost of a new high speed rail, HS2, is causing such an outcry, that the government is trying to portray the project as a domestic necessity rather than as part of an EU wide project.
Even the UK state broadcaster, the BBC seem to have fallen for this deception
The 1st railway package of 2001 was such a failure that the Commission has had to take 13 member states to the Court of Justice for failure to implement it properly. The truth is, they probably could not afford to implement it properly.
Since 2001, the percentage of freight being moved by rail has actually fallen - the exact opposite of what the package set out to achieve.