Thursday, 21 June 2012

UK workers to get extra holiday for sickness whilst on holiday - you couldnt make it up!

A ruling from the European Courts now means that workers will now be able to claim back holiday time in which they have been sick.

The court in Luxembourg said the EU Working Time Directive grants workers a right to at least four weeks' paid annual leave "even where such leave coincides with periods of sick leave".
The right to paid annual leave cannot be interpreted restrictively," the court says. The UK does not have an opt-out in this area of EU labour law.

The real travesty in this story is that we do not have an opt out on this part of EU labour law.
When we have rules inflicted on us like this then it is no wonder that unemployment in some of the member states is as high as 20%. When rules like this are implemented, then production and work is moved to countries that are more flexible.

It is time to stand up for our rights, all the jobs will disappear elsewhere if we carry on listening to EU rulings. The country needs to become known for business and jobs.