Monday, 9 July 2012

Letter from Hugh Robertson MP regarding Football Club ownership

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for your recent letter, following contact from a number of your constituents, who are concerned about football club ownership.

I am pleased with the responses I have received from members of the House, the

media, and the wider public at large about the Government’s response to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee football governance inquiry. We have set out a number of key challenges for the football authorities, including around increasing supporter representation and ownership at football clubs. In our response to the Select Committee report into football governance, we recommended significant reform of the FA’s Board and

Council; the introduction of a club licensing system where financial sustainability and

robust checks on club owners and directors are included, and for greater supporter

representation at football clubs. I can assure you that the Secretary of State and I

are committed to seeing this through.

Together, we continue to meet with the football authorities to hear what progress

they are making. It is our belief that it is for the football authorities to determine the

best way of achieving the right changes, but Government will be a key partner in

those discussions. The football authorities have recently submitted their proposals to

make these improvements and the Government will be responding in due course.

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee will also review progress, after which

the Government will decide on a way forward.

Thank you, again, for writing, with all my very best wishes.

                                                                                        HUGH ROBERTSON MP

                                                                                   Minister for Sport and the Olympics

I shall be replying to this letter shortly and I will post my letter online.