Thursday, 23 August 2012

Leafletting in Halesowen

It might be a recess time for most politicians, but here in the Birmingham office we have had a packed month. Our time has been spent continuing to promote the Campaign for a Referendum, as well as dealing with important constituency matters, with Aston Arena being a pertinent example of this.

The real bread and butter for any politician has to be the work they do with their constituents, and to work for your constituents, you have to be visible in your area and actually talk to them!

Last night I took some time to door to door leaflet some of my Campaign for a Referendum booklets in Halesowen. It was a warm afternoon and many people were working on their front gardens, meaning I had pleasant chats with many of the people I met - many were amazed to see a politician at their door in August, when it is most definately not an election time.

Campaign for a Referendum continues to grow at an amazing rate and we WILL deliver another 100,000 signatures to David Cameron, a man who believes that the people do not want an in or our referendum.

If you would like to sign the petition (or even send a link to a friend who might sign!) you can sign online at

To read the magazine I was delivering, click here