Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Keynote Speech on the Outcome of the European Council Summit

Keynote Speech on the Outcome of the European Council Summit
Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Once again we have a summit that promises a solution but in the fullness of time delivers little but further EU integration.

Through the fault of unelected incompetent EuroCrats - and blinded member sate leaders - the financial crises is being used as a tool for further eu integration.

What a heavy price we are paying for the eurocrats fantasy of a United States of Europe.

Have you learned nothing from your folly?

President Barrosso and his apparatchiks clearly care little for the ordinary person.

This latest round has been done on the backs of the Greek collapse and the 43% increase in the suicide rate.

My fear is for the UK, who being out of the EuroZone is seemingly unaffected.

Yet this deal fails to safeguard the City of London and its prosperity.

David Cameron has given the green light to banking union and got nothing in return.


Was this not the opportunity to renegotiate some of those powers back from the EU which Cameron endlessly promises?

It shows his words to be empty and that once again we have a Conservative Party that talks though on Europe with their sprinkling of Judas Goats but Cameron turns out to be nothing more than the German Chancellors poodle.

Three out of four Conservative voters want an In/Out EU Referendum but are being deceived by their leaders who will continue to sleep walk the UK into a federal Europe.

So I call on those Conservative supporters to stand up to David Cameron for the future of your Party and for our Country.

Send him a loud message. "We Demand A Referendum"