Friday, 16 November 2012

A day in the life of a busy MEP!

We've had an incredibly busy day here at the office - in fact every day in the office is a busy one! The team began the day with an office meeting the discuss the various appointments and events that were going to happen today.


The repainted mobile surgery ventured out to Kenilworth today with a few members of my team. I try to go with the mobile surgery team, but today I had pre planned visits to two different student events. My first appointment of the day was in Telford.
In an event organised by the Parliament education service, I spent time in "speed dating" sessions with students, fielding questions from them as well as discussing my job as an MEP. It was highly encouraging to hear the questions from the students, they were well thought out, well researched and showed real interest in the political process. I hope the students will be inspired to get even further involved with politics.
While I was talking to the students in Tamworth, my team were in Kenilworth to talk to constituents about my role. The team are always warmly received wherever they go. HS2 was the key discussion of the day as Kenilworth will be badly affected by the proposed HS2 route.

I had to get a move on to get to Bromsgrove for my second appointment, which was an Any questions style panel which was chaired by the Redditch Standard editor. We fielded questions from a variety of students who wanted to discuss subjects such as the UK'  deficit, and whether the UK can renogotiate powers from the EU. Interestingly, in a hands up poll of the room, over half there said they would vote to LEAVE the EU.
As I get ready to leave Bromsgrove, I receive word from the office that the phone has been ringing off the hook all day, and they have parcels of pledge cards to send out. Local shops have requested pledge cards to give out at the tills!

I arrived back at the office just before 5 so I could debrief with the team about the day.


The team have had an incredibly busy day. The requests for pledge cards are flooding in, and we are being called constantly by well wishers and supporters who fully support our new party.

Now the working week is just about over for the staff, but I'm still here sorting through paperwork. I'm not sure where the working time directive applies in my job! It has been a highly rewarding day for me and the office, I have enjoyed all my time with the various students and the team here have been incredibly busy. Looking forward to what next week brings for us.