Monday, 5 November 2012

Canvassing, telephoning and rallying!

TK4VA headquarters

It's been a busy Sunday here in Virginia, and once again Tim Kaine's volunteer office has been a sea of volunteers!

We've managed to both canvass and leave door hangars on doors today, as well as putting in a good session of telephone calls to arrange lifts for Tim supporters to make sure they can get to their local polling stations. Polling stations here open from 6am until 7pm, so volunteers are working incredibly hard to make sure voters have a plan for when they are going to go to the polling station. G.O.T.V is the focus here - Get Out The Vote!

Booking rides to the polling station for voters in Virginia!

I have tickets to the Joe Biden rally which is being held here in Virginia at around 6pm tomorrow which will be a great event to attend. Polls are changing on a daily basis, but all the stats are continuing to show that Virginia is an incredibly close race and the amount of work these volunteers are putting in will make all the difference!