Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The call for a referendum is spreading! The people have had enough, and we want our say!

Today, November 20th, the European Parliament votes on a report on progress toward Economic & Monetary Union.

 Dissent is growing across the EU, and we can see a clear indication of this in several of the amendments to the report that have been tabled. I am particularly delighted to note the left-wing GUE group, the communist group, is calling for referenda on issues that undermine the national sovereignty of member states. They also call for the reversal of treaties governing EU membership, with the status of member states being re-determined by the people.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, they say, and I never expected to find such firm common ground with the GUE group. But this is an indication of how wide and how deep the disatisfaction now is.

The call for a referendum on EU membership is growing seemingly by the day, and as this GUE move shows, it is spreading across Europe.

 The people have had enough, and we want our say!