Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Speech in Strasbourg: Your political project is fundamentally flawed

Lets rewind a little.

Before you roll out your latest grandeur plan, let's take a look back. Do you remember the Lisbon agenda? Let me refresh your memory. It was adopted for a ten year period in 2000 by the European Council, it brought the aim to make Europe by 2010 the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world. Well how did that go for you? Not well. You replaced it by another plan. Now your beloved political project is in dire straits. Millions across Europe are in despair, and now you are scurrying around looking for another plan.

You can't accept the political reality that your project is fundamentally flawed. Your foundations are as strong as the blamange that I had for dessert last night. Whilst the Euro sails into the rocks, the three Presidents grandstand with the Nobel prize. Did Nelson Mandela grandstand in the same manner? Did Barack Obama? No. They had dignity and were not seeking to create some useful diversion to a problem so destructive to the peoples of Europe. It is no wonder that the people of the UK demand a referendum to have a say on this mess.