Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Time to settle the argument once and for all - free of propaganda

Today sees the release of yet another YouGov opinion poll on voting intentions should the UK hold a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.


The poll, conducted over the 17th & 18th of January 2013, reveals that 40% would choose to stay in the EU, compared to 34% that want to leave the EU. 5% said they would not vote on the issue, and 20% said they did not know how they would vote. As the table below shows, this is a marked change since November 2012, and has stark differences to polls taken on earlier dates.


This result is simply an anomaly. It is not surprising that there are changes to opinion over a short period of time when the media propagates stories which are based around EU scaremongering. Already we have seen scare tactics, claiming that the UK will lose business if we did not choose to stay in the European Union. Coupled with the effect of President Obama and his administration calling for a strong UK relationship with the European Union, it is no wonder that there has been a temporary change in opinion.


What has stayed the same throughout is that only 5% of people, on average, would not vote on this issue. 95% of the electorate potentially want a vote on this issue. Even if we discount those who do not know how they would vote, we have on average, over 75% of the electorate who have an opinion on this issue and who should be given a say.


If anything, this latest poll result strengthens the We Demand a Referendum Party’s call for a Royal Commission to outline the benefits and negatives of EU membership, to give everyone an informed unbiased opinion on this crucial topic.

We can analyse statistics all day long. This is not an issue that can be resolved by polls alone.


We Demand a Referendum on this crucial issue because it is time to settle the argument once and for all. This is not about political posturing, or one-upmanship. This is about democracy, pure and simple.

Let us have a free and fair debate, and once and for all let the people decide so that we can move on.