Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We Demand a Referendum Party statement following David Cameron's speech


Following the Prime Ministers EU Speech, The We Demand a Referendum Party call for a Royal Commission to outline the benefits and negatives of EU membership, to inform and give everyone THE unbiased FACTS on this crucial topic.
We're now potentially 5 years away from a referendum, and if instigated soon a Royal Commission would have the time to lay bare the truths of EU membership. Politicians are unfortunately playing games with the general public, peddling half and untruths and opinions that do frighten the general public long before a referendum date has even been set. One example is that 3.5million jobs depend on EU trade, but this is simply nonsense.
In 1999, the National Institute of Economic & Social Research, NIESR, published a report which said that 3½ million jobs are linked to trade with the EU. Though Europhiles immediately jumped on this but twisted it and said that these jobs DEPENDED on EU membership. The scientist who led the research publicly later disowned their claim, reiterating that his report actually said that few, if any, jobs would be lost if we left, because trade with Europe would continue. The National Institute for Economic and Social Research then followed and supported this view...

Again the NIESR Director at the time, Dr. Martin Weale, described the use of his report and his number as “pure Goebbels”. When we leave the EU, we will have a free trade agreement, for two reasons. Firstly because the EU certainly won’t put their trade with us at risk (which is far greater than our exports to them), and secondly because the Lisbon treaty also obliges the EU to negotiate Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with a member-state that wishes to withdraw, as well as with states that are not EU members. The EU will soon have FTAs with 80 per cent of all non-EU countries.
Why did Cameron choose to omit this fact from his speech?
So UK trade would prosper under the sort of free trade agreements enjoyed by Countries like Norway, Switzerland and even Mexico. The USA and China, not EU members with zero votes in EU intuition’s sell more goods to the EU than the UK does, without paying a cent to Brussels or imposing one iota of EU regulation on their domestic economies. Similarly Japan does not feel compelled to join China or Russia !!
This country needs stronger leadership on the issue EU, and sadly we are not getting it. Rather than leave this country in a virtual limbo, we need a date to be set for this referendum that Mr Cameron is promising so that the debate can start. EU President Schulz himself last week said that renegotiation is not possible. Instead of wasting time attempting to repatriate powers, powers that Mr Cameron could not even outline himself, we should be preparing ourselves and the country to make a decision on EU membership – are we in, or are we out?
The We Demand a Referendum party will stand candidates in every region in the 2014 European Election, standing on a single issue. We Demand a Referendum. Let the people decide.