Friday, 26 April 2013

Nikki Sinclaire MEP says money needs to be distributed to lower leagues ahead of the last Worcester City match at St.George's Lane

Nikki launches the One City One Club initiative
We Demand a Referendum Now MEP Nikki Sinclaire has paid tribute to Worcester City Football Club ahead of their final ever game at their historic St. George’s Lane ground.
The Euro-MP has been involved with the club and has supported them through sponsorship and advertising. She will be a match ball sponsor for the final game, and has written a piece for the programme, and will be in the stands to say goodbye to St. George’s Lane.
Nikki Sinclaire says,
“Worcester City football club are part of the fabric of the community, as well as being a part of the fabric of the vibrant football league that we are blessed here with in the West Midlands and across the country as a whole.
Worcester City football clubs means so much to so many people and they are worth protecting. The legacy of this football club needs protecting, and we as fans we need support the club through the next year when they play at Aggborough, and going forward from there.
We must continue to support the club until they can find a permanent home in Worcester again. This club must exist for the future generations who want to be able to watch a football club that bears the City’s name.
Tomorrow we will say goodbye to a ground which is so full of history. We mustn't forget about histry, but we need to protect the clubs future”.
Nikki is also appalled about the financial injustice that lower league clubs such as Worcester face,
“Football is known at the highest level for the incredible amounts of money involved. However, this money does not filter down the league and the very foundations of what makes football great in this country is suffering because they have no way of accessing that level of financing.
If we put a 1% levy on all transactions in the Premier League, this levy could be distributed to the lower leagues. This would help take some of the financial pressure off many clubs.
For example, 1% on the Fernando Torres transfer would have given the lower leagues an extra half a million pounds”.