Thursday, 23 May 2013

Burton Upon Trent tomorrow

The team will be in Burton Upon Trent tomorrow: more details below.


Issue Date: 23rd May 2013


West Midlands We Demand a Referendum Party MEP Nikki Sinclaire will be sending her team to Burton upon Trent Market on Friday 24th May from 10am onwards. Nikki’s team will be on hand to answer questions from constituents, as well as offering the chance to pledge their support to demand a referendum in the European Election of 2014.

Nikki has been highly successful in her campaign for a referendum, and has delivered almost a quarter of a million signatures to Downing Street calling for people to have their say about the EU. Nikki wants a referendum so everybody has a chance to register their say on whether we should be a part of the European Union, and the West Midlands has contributed over half of the 220,000 signature total.

Anyone under the age of 55 has never had the chance to speak about this issue, which Nikki believes is a breach of our democratic principles. The last time the UK held a referendum on the Common Market, as it was known then, was in 1975 – and even this was retrospective. Despite the fact that this campaign could leave Ms Sinclaire without a job, Nikki is passionate that people be given a voice in deciding whether it is right that:


·         The UK contributes £56 million per day to the EU

·         75% of UK laws are decided by the EU yet the UK only has 73 MEPs in the Parliament

·         Each day we buy £5 million more from EU countries than they buy from us.


Nikki Sinclaire said, “European Law is rarely conducive or indeed relevant to British industry or infrastructure. The EU takes almost £50 million a day of our money for the privilege of belonging - money better spent in this country, where we need it most - on our hospitals, on our schools and in supporting our pensioners. When will the political elite realise that Britain cannot afford to remain in this Parliament?

Mr David Cameron won’t let the people decide on this issue. It is time that we demand a referendum on this crucial issue.”

Like many towns and cities across the UK, Burton faces mounting cuts to public services. Nikki finds it a disgrace that even as the British public tightens its belt, the EU approves budget hikes and other measures which will impact on the British pocket.

Nikki’s team will have their own stall on Burton Market this Friday.


Nikki Sinclaire is the only MEP in the country with a mobile surgery and has travelled to every town and city in the West Midlands region. This Friday, her team have a stall on Burton Market.