Thursday, 27 June 2013

A sweet fans dream - a visit to Mushtaq foods.

 I also was invited to look around Mushtaq foods, which is a company producing Asian sweets.

As a new food business, they have naturally had to follow many environmental health guidelines. However, speaking here with owners and management, they feel they have not had enough support with guiding them through the process of setting up.

Some of the delicacies produced in the factory

They really do taste as good as they look!
 It was great to meet with so many different business owners today, all with their own unique needs and experiences. 

I will be working with these businesses and the many others across the West Midlands. I am always here to meet with business owners, many of whom want to talk about damaging EU legislation that affects their work. I am also keen to keep highlighting the problems that our own Government is not addressing in encouraging the growth of local business, something which is vital for the recovery of our economy and the creation of new jobs.