Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Challenging David Cameron to talk about UK renegotiation in the European Parliament

I have challenged David Cameron to speak in the European Parliament.
Text of my speech as follows:
“It’s wonderful that Heads of Government and Heads of State come here to set out their agenda, and dialogue is never a bad thing. However, I think there is one notable exception, or one person who hasn’t come here who has a lot to say about Europe and that’s the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron – The Prime Minister who reckons he can renegotiate, for example, the social chapter.
Isn’t it about time that he came to this chamber and explain what he really meant, so that we the elected people across Europe could actually see if the UK could renegotiate their terms of membership?”
It is common place for Government leaders or Heads of State to address the EP. In February, France’s Francois Hollande addressed the Parliament about the future of the European Union. This week, Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor has addressed the Parliament on the future of the European Union and Slovenia’s position within the 27-member EU.