Tuesday, 25 June 2013


EURO MP Nikki Sinclaire has called for a halt to the HS2 project, a day before a a second reading of a Bill in Parliament.

The High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill is due to have its second reading in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

The We Demand a Referendum NOW MEP has been a high profile opponent of the high speed rail scheme. The high speed rail (preparation) bill is designed to commit the funding required to build a high speed rail network from London to Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

It is intended to provide a sign of the Government's commitment to, and the cross-party support for, building HS2.

The We Demand a Referendum NOW MEP said, “I continue to urge the Government and the Midlands MPs to look at and the alternative options for improving capacity and journey times between Birmingham and London as the next phase of investment in upgrading the National Rail Network.

The £32 billion Project including the £17 billion+ Birmingham to London High Speed 2 Rail Link is simply not financially viable and proposed would simply increase the costs of travel and fail to live up to the lofty promises espoused by the proponents of the scheme”.

She added, “The failings of HS1 in Kent and the downgrading of local services there supports my argument that this project is simply an expensive white elephant. 

There is a real danger of Birmingham becoming a subsidiary of London if the HS2 project goes ahead. The money would be better spent on further regeneration within the Midlands”.

I refute the argument that the project would bring sustainable jobs to the Midlands. The job creation would be temporary and transitory putting extra strain on other public resources such as health, education and housing. Real funding needs to be put into skill training for long term job creation”