Thursday, 6 June 2013

Visiting and donating to Wesley Hall Methodist Church food bank

I also took time out today to visit Wesley Hall Methodist Church food bank which is located in Stoke on Trent.
This site is part of a distribution network which supplies to a number of food banks across the Stoke on Trent area.
You may have heard of this food bank in particular, as after Easter they were forced to ration food because of a drop in donations.
I dropped by this morning with a donation of food and to speak to the team there about the work we've been doing with food banks and what particular food stuffs they are low of.
If there is anybody reading who is thinking of donating to this particular centre, please consider bringing long life milk, squash and tinned meats or fish.
Well done to the team here at Wesley Hall Church - what a great job you are all doing despite facing some problems.

The website for Stoke on Trent food bank network is here