Tuesday, 27 August 2013

MEP Nikki to meet Joy Seppala this week.

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire will meet with Sisu owner Joy Seppala later this week to discuss the on-going situation at Coventry City Football Club.  

The MEP has been keen to meet with the owner following meetings with representatives from ACL and Coventry City director Mark Labovitch.

Nikki also tried to arrange meetings with Council Leader Ann Lucas. Controversially, Councillor Lucas turned down Ms Sinclaire’s request to meet. Sources claim that Ann does not want to meet Nikki as she says this issue has nothing to do with Europe.

Nikki is pleased that she has secured the meeting with Joy, saying,

“I asked to meet Joy a few months ago, and I’m grateful that Joy has agreed to a meeting this week.

I also attempted to meet Ann Lucas but I have been blocked at every turn. It seems strange that Ann made the public plea to Joy to meet, yet as far as I am aware, no such meeting has happened.

I have said throughout that there is no side without fault here, and I will tell this to Joy in person. I am very keen to hear what Joy has to say and to explore how the club can move forward.

All I want to see is people talking. At the moment the fans feel in the dark about the situation. Enough with the media games, let’s get everybody to talk and move forward in a constructive manner.

Coventry have started the season with a flurry of goals. This is the story that should matter, not the off the field happenings”.

The We Demand a Referendum NOW MEP has also submitted official questions in regards to the use of European Regional Development Funding used at the Ricoh Arena site.