Monday, 9 September 2013

Nikki says no to HS2

I have tirelessly campaigned against HS2 and finally it seems that people are starting to realise what I was saying is true. HS2 will bring no economic benefit to the West Midlands, rather it would act as a vaccuum, sucking any benefits from the West Midlands region and sending it to London.

It's time to back the train up on HS2.

What else could we do with the money?
• Completely electrify the rail network
• Upgrade every line including the appalling Cross- Country services, benefitting every part of the country
• Reinstate the Building Schools for the Future programme
• Put planes on our aircraft carrier
• Keep two aircraft carriers!
• Reinstate cuts to our police forces and police officers
• Build 60,000 affordable homes every year
• Stop university fees increase

Every one of these would generate employment in every part of Britain. Common sense?