Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Controversial Flight Time Legislation plans have been forced through Parliament - time for UK Government to take a stand

Controversial plans on Flight Time Legislation have been forced through the European Parliament. The proposals would allow pilots to land a plane after going 22 hours, and sometimes 24 hours, without sleep.

We Demand a Referendum Now MEP Nikki Sinclaire  voted in favour of a motion that would have seen these proposals scrapped, however, that motion was defeated by 387 t0 218 votes, with 66 abstentions.
By doing so, Nikki has represented the views of 10,000 British Pilots who are dismayed by proposed changes that will decrease flight safety for British and West Midlands passengers.
Proposals also include fewer restrictions on the number of early (before 7am) starts in a row (an increase from 5 to 7) and carrying spare crew on very long-haul flights.  All of these issues, and many more besides, show that the proposals are unsafe, and that is borne out of the fact that the scientific evidence has been ignored by EASA.

The proposal could also see the removal of the third pilot on long haul flights. The third pilot acts as the fully alert, relief pilot, alleviating problems with fatigue.

In the USA, sensible pilot flight hour regulations have been introduced, yet the EU seems to want to fly in the face of these sensible rules.

The very same European proposals were  rejected by the Transport and Tourism Committee on  Monday 30th September.

The Commission today undid the work of that Committee by forcing through proposals in the European Parliament.

Nikki Sinclaire MEP will vote to reject proposals, and said, “I voted in favour of a motion that sought to have these motions scrapped. However, this was blocked by Parliament.

It is absolutely ludicrous that the Commission are even attempting to force through cuts to flight safety, against the advice of pilots, scientists, and two UK Parliamentary committees.

Passengers and pilots deserve flight safety rules based on rigorous science and evidence, not secret dodgy meddling in Strasbourg, which will mean that Britain no longer has the safest skies in Europe.

Fatigue is a known killer. Once again the European Parliament flies in the face of Common Sense. These proposals are absolutely ludicrous.

Our Government must now stand up against these proposals. Passenger safety must be of paramount importance''

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) said “…the proposals do not fully and properly reflect the scientific evidence that should underpin fatigue management. Nor do they fully incorporate the scientific evidence which EASA itself commissioned.”

Pilots who live within the West Midlands have been emailing Nikki to convey their dismay