Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Just staggering

The following e-mail was received today by MEPs. It is self-explanatory, and staggering. Has this only just occurred to them?


A green move for the EP at Strasbourg


We hereby inform you that we took the initiative to turn off all the TV sets in Strasbourg between the sessions.  


Apart from the substantial reduction of energy consumption, this action will also provide for a better protection of these devices in case of sudden electrical incident.


When arriving to your office at Strasbourg, you will have to turn on again the TV before using the remote control to select your channel (the switch is located behind the TV set).


Please note that individual requests to turn on again your TV before your arrival can be addressed to the LSU MEP Helpdesk.  


Please also remember to turn off as many devices as you can before leaving your EP office in Brussels as well as in Strasbourg for the reasons explained above. 


We are convinced as well as you that the sum of small actions can contribute to a better environment, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.  


The LSU MEP Helpdesk remains at your disposal at ***** or *************** for further information or assistance about this matter.


With kind regards, 


The LSU MEP Helpdesk