Saturday, 5 October 2013

Visiting South Worcestershire college yesterday

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be give a tour and a chance to speak with learners at South Worcestershire college yesterday.

The campus, based in Evesham, teaches a wide ranger of learners and covers a variety of subject and skill sets. 

What struck me was the focus on skill building. The college has a real mixture of courses and abilities. It was fascinating to be taken around a block where learners in one section were training to become hairdressers, while opposite them cars were being fixed by the trainee mechanics.

There are many industries where we can't compete around the world as other countries will always beat us on price. However, by investing in skills, we can make ourselves world leaders in other areas, such as the luxury goods markets. This is why that it is so important that colleges such as South Worcestershire encourage skills building.

As the smallest FE college in the country, South Worcestershire are most definitely achieving a great deal and the college has a great, relaxed atmosphere.

The learners asked me a range of very interesting questions and kept me on my toes! It was great to talk about my role as an MEP and inspire debate on a number of topics.