Tuesday, 14 January 2014

CCFC Statement in Full

We Demand a Referendum Now MEP has called for Coventry City Council Leader Ann Lucas to RESIGN – as she fails to take control of the ongoing situation with the football club.

The Euro MPs comments come following a statement from the Council leader where she stated she wanted to “move on”.
Nikki said,

“In my opinion, Cllr Lucas has given up on the football club and therefore given up on the supporters.

It’s very disappointing that Ms Lucas feels it impossible to work beyond partisan political lines. For example, I requested to meet with Ann yet I was told she’d only meet with Labour MEP Michael Cashman.

Cllr Lucas had a unique chance at resolving this dispute when she became Council leader – but nothing has changed.

How much is the loss of the Football club costing the City? Without the Council approving the financial assessment into the losses to the City we will never know, but I’d argue it’s in millions.”.

Nikki was keen to stress the importance of both the sides speaking together,
“There are two sides to this story and I’m vehemently against the move to Northampton. I’ve held numerous meetings with officials at Coventry City Football Club and I’ve put the case across for the fans – the club must play within the City.

I also hope to meet with Sandra Garlick, who is heading the Stadium Forum Committee, as I have had questions sent to me from fans with their queries about the way forward.

We must keep the hearts and minds of the fans, however, many are sceptical of where they are going to be based in the coming years and this uncertainty must come to an end.

However, the Council’s position is still unclear as to what options they are open to considering re: The Ricoh.

I look forward to the ACL accounts being published later this year and hope that we will see no further investment from the Council. I do not believe it would be appropriate to spend any more tax payers money when we have heard from various sources involved that ACL is making money and the Ricoh can survive without the football club. 

Naturally I want the Ricoh to be successful, it should be a jewel in the crown of the West Midlands. However, we cannot write blank cheques when taxpayers money is concerned. ACL should not be funded to relentlessly pursue a business plan. "