Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Speech in Strasbourg: The Greek presidency of the EU

It is poignant that Greece should take over the Presidency at this time. 

Greece is the living embodiment of the failure of the Troika and, indeed, the Euro project.

Mr Samaras, you talk about mistakes of your country over decades; surprisingly, you fail to put any blame on where it truly belongs on the pro federalising eurocrats who ignored all the convergence criteria of Maastricht to push on with their project of a federal eurostate.

Linking the Greek economy with such a powerhouse as Germany was utter madness, and your people paid the price. Not least by a suicide rate that has increased by 46%

In your speech, your first commitment was to ever closer EU integration. Are you not learning from the lesions of history? Are you not condemned to re-live them?

You cannot play political make believe with people’s lives. Your people, and people across Europe, came out onto the streets to show their displeasure at the medication given for the Eurocrats mental illness.

Greece is the birthplace of democracy, and this year the people across Europe will have a chance to put the dagger in the heart of the European Union. A significant amount of those people will have plenty of time to go to the polling station as they are unemployed - a core failure of the EU project.

Mr Sameras you are in make believe land if you think the EU is the solution.

In the UK we similarly have a leader who lives in make believe land, and who believes that he can re-negotiate serious powers back from the EU before a referendum.

We have heard this con-trick before. The British people have waited far too long to have a choice to leave the corrupt and doomed mess that is the EU.

In May´s elections we will Let The People Decide. We will put the option on the ballot paper in Britain for people to "Demand A Referendum Now".