Monday, 3 February 2014

The Missing People of Cyprus: a video

We Demand a Referendum Now MEP Nikki Sinclaire has today called for more work to be done on the issue of the Missing people of Cyprus.

The MEP, who sits on the Human Rights committee, is calling on the EU to do more to help Cyprus. In 1974, Turkish troops invaded Northern Cyprus displacing huge numbers of the population, tearing apart communities and families. 

40 years on and the island remains divided and still occupied by Turkish troops.
Nikki Sinclaire has campaigned tirelessly to support the Human Rights of the Cypriot people, and has called for the truth and justice for the missing persons. 

She says,

“In the 21st century, it is unbelievable that we have occupied land in Europe. Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, with the hope that this issue may be finally resolved. Unfortunately, ten years on, the issue still remains”. 

The West Midlands MEP, who has been highly involved with the campaign for information about the missing people in Northern Cyprus, spoke to Councillors from Kyrenia as they discussed the issue in the European Parliament. 

Nikki was joined by Glafkos Cariolou (Mayor of Kyrenia) and Marios Charalambidos, Elena Vracha Christoforides and Maria Moustaka (Municipal Councillors of Kyrenia) for the round table discussion which is now available on YouTube. 

Nikki Sinclaire said,

“This issue is a blot on the landscape of the European Union – it was a Nobel Peace Prize winner only a short time ago. It really must move and take steps to end this crisis, because this is a crisis, this is a crisis for these families and it is a crisis for these people who cannot return to their homes. Let’s move this issue forward and let us not forget the people of Cyprus”.