Friday, 7 March 2014

KicFM visit

 I've had a FANTASTIC morning at KicFM, a youth radio station in Wolverhampton.

I met with Rob and his team and I've learnt about the work they undertake here. There are a range of young people here, many of them who have the skills to work but have struggled to find jobs. This is about regaining confidence, helping with CVs and getting these guys social media savvy so they can be employed.

The main issue KIC faces is funding and I've left a copy of my EU funding guide with them in the hope that  there is something they can apply for, and this is something I'm happy to support them with.

 I was then interviewed by two seperate groups and I was shocked to learn that this was their first time interviewing people, they were excellent and asked me some really pertinent questions.

Groups like this SHOULD be invested in. If we do not invest in our youth, what message are we sending them? With youth unemployment such a hot topic, i'm so happy to learn of places like KICfm that are proactively supporting young people to ensure they do find work. They want to work!