Friday, 25 April 2014

Speaking at the West Midlands Pensioners Convention

Viewing a picture of the Old Wolverhampton market outside the meeting room

It was great to have the opportunity to speak to the Wolverhampton Pensioners Convention today about my role as an MEP, my achievements and why I believe so strongly that we should have a referendum on EU membership sooner, rather than later. 

It was a very lively, and over running, q&a session. The main feeling was one of frustration, as to why the politicians are so frightened of giving the people a say. Pensioners in particular feel frustrated when they have the lowest pensions in Europe, yet the UK is continually asked to put more money into the EU to fill funding black holes. 

This is why we need a national debate and an independent panel to establish the real facts behind EU membership, equip the electorate with the facts, and then allow them to vote in a binding In or Out referendum.  

The event was published in the Express and Star beforehand.