Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Speech in Strasbourg - European Commission: Hands off our pensions!

Speech in Strasbourg, 15th April 2014

One of the three policy options being discussed as a means of addressing problem surrounding the acquisition and preservation of pension rights, is legislation at EU level.

Nothing would alarm my constituents in the West Midlands more than this.

The use of best practices in a free and competitive market has always ensured the supremacy of the City of London in the financial services centre.

Competition and innovation have ensured that British businesses have always led the way.

As the work force becomes more mobile, it is the innovators, not legislators that we look to, to find the answers to the new challenges.

Innovation creates. Legislation stifles.

The idea of having pensions legislated by the same people who brought us the Eurozone crisis will chill the hearts of most people. My message to  the European Commission is this (to parody an old saying), "Go and legislate on your own doorstep, hands off our pensions".