Wednesday, 21 May 2014

5 Reasons to Re-Elect Nikki Sinclaire MEP

5 reasons to RE-ELECT NIKKI SINCLAIRE MEP and vote We Demand a Referendum Now Party

-          1. Independent website www.MEPRanking.EU lists Nikki as the hardest working MEP for the West Midlands region on Parliamentary work alone. No other West Midlands MEP comes close to Nikki’s record of action within the Parliament. For a strong voice for the West Midlands, you should re-elect Nikki Sinclaire.

-          2. Nikki is STILL the only UK MEP (out of 73) in the whole of the country to have a mobile surgery, which has visited every town, city and even villages across the West Midlands region. A vote for Nikki is a vote for a politician who actually meets her employers – you, her constituents.

-         3. As a single MEP, Nikki was able to collect over 100,000 signatures which brought Prime Minister David Cameron to the despatch box by public petition – for the first time in UK history. David Cameron wanted to “stop banging on about Europe”. Nikki has ensured that he has had to keep banging on about Europe – and a vote for Nikki will ensure that she continues to push the Prime Minister to give us the binding referendum that we are all demanding. 

-          4. Here in the West Midlands, Nikki has worked within the local community, dealing with the issues that matters. While other MEPs won’t deal with issues that fall outside of the European Parliament, Nikki has collected over 3.5 tonnes of food for foodbanks, had constituents rehoused and dealt with £250,000 worth of personal debt. A vote for Nikki is a vote for a politician working with the people in the community dealing with the issues that affect our daily lives. 

-          5. We need independent voices in Europe. A vote for Nikki is a strong, independent voice saying what you think – Not another MEP putting their hand up in the chamber according to party guidelines.