Thursday, 1 May 2014

We Demand a Referendum Now Manifesto launch today

 The We Demand a Referendum Now Party today launched its party manifesto ahead of the European Election, which is being held on May 22nd. 

The manifesto document was launched, and says,

"WDARN MEPs will use their elected positions and resources to pressure the government to hold a referendum of the United Kingdom's continued membership of the European Union. We believe in a clear In/Out, binding referendum should be held prior to the General Election of 2015.

We believe that it is detrimental to the UKs national interest to continue with an uncertain relationship with the EU. It is not fair to the UK or the other countries of the EU. This issue has split political parties and governments and created a frustration among the electorate who feel cheated that despite various promises of a referendum, one has never been given. No one under the age of 57 has been given an opportunity to have their say on the EU, this we contend is undemocratic. The nettle should be grasped to allow the UK to proceed in the direction set by the electorate. 

We call on the government to introduce an immediate EU Referendum Bill that stipulates a cap on campaign expenditure and the same rules for permissable donors as in any other UK election. We would also require the Bill to restrict the media coverage of the campaign similar to the McKenna judgment in the Republic of Ireland that ensures equal coverage for both sides.

We also call for the immediate establishment of a fact-finding committee to determine the exact monetary cost of EU Membership. Value of trade to and from the EU compared to the rest of the world. The impact of EU membership on jobs and investment in the UK. The level of legislation emanating from the EU compared to Westminster". 

Incumbent We Demand a Referendum Now MEP Nikki was joined by Number 2 candidate Andy Adris MBE and Amanda Wilson.