Friday, 10 September 2010

A day in the life of....

I am often asked so what do you do as an MEP, what a ordinary day involves?

Today is a good example. It was a early start, about 7, going through my notes for a breakfast meeting with business leaders from across the West Midlands region. The meeting, in Wolverhampton took some getting to from my home in Solihull. The traffic was appalling! Fortunately it gave me more time to listen to BBC WM who debated manufacturing in the region.

I arrived too late for the hot bacon rolls (disappointed at the time but I'll be happier when I step on those scales). Two MPs arrived and left before I got there grabbing their rolls and posing for a photo. I stayed for the discourse. I am no great expert on business or manufacturing but I feel it is important to engage, learn and assist wherever possible. The West Midlands has a proud tradition in this area, Birmingham was known as the city of a thousand trades. But this has been lost due to failure to invest in the future.

We have the highest levels of unemployment in England especially that of young people. The region can restore it's place in manufacturing by being flexible, competitive and supply good quality products. But first the private and public sector must come together in training our youth. Failing to invest will lead to a failed future. I have offered my services to try and help claim some of our tax payees money back from the EU in the form of grants etc. Of course I will always oppose EU legislation that will harm British jobs.

After I left the meeting I then rushed to Dudley town centre where my mobile surgery was in place. It was a pleasure meeting some of my constituents who were very keen to support my Campaign for a Referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union. My time there went very quickly.I left my staff the continue the great work there and I rushed to Birmingham International Station to catch a train to London for another meeting.