Friday, 10 September 2010

This week in Strasbourg

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would get a round of applause in the parliament chamber twice in 24 hours I would have thought they were crazy and were without political acumen.

This week however, it actually came to pass. After hearing an outdated viewpoint from the Italian partners of UKIP in the parliament, I felt it was necessary to explain, as an openly gay politician that all people desire to be treated equally regardless of whom they love should be respected and protected.

The politics of hate must never be allowed to succeed. The EFD group gives a home to the politics of hate. I find it incredibly sad that UKIP, who were elected to campaign for withdrawal from the EU. But with their association with such extremists, some who are pro EU, pro Lisbon Treaty the message gets lost and UKIP compromised.

My second applause came out of my sheer disbelief at what I was hearing. It was at voting time on Wednesday. We had just heard a oral amendment on delaying the vote on animal testing. An EPP member from Portugal stood up and complained that he was receiving too many emails from his constituents. I reacted with anger. See for yourself