Sunday, 26 September 2010

Speaking at the English Democrats

 I along with fellow West Midlands MEP, Mike Nattrass was pleased to have the opportunity to speak at the English Democrat AGM in Nottingham today having had a very successful business breakfast meeting with their leadership team.
We spoke individually and then took questions about the European Union, being a MEP, and the Campaign for a Referendum. It was an enjoyable and interesting experience exchanging views and developing an understanding of each other’s perspective.
It is these cross party initiative that are so important if we are going to win the day. I look forward to further dialogue.
Ps.  I was quite surprised to learn during our breakfast meeting the overtures made by Malcolm Pearson towards an electoral pact during the general election.
Pearson supported by Steve Crowther and Peter Reeeve met with the English Democrat leadership, with the blessing of Nigel Farage
Constituencies where UKIP would not stand were agreed however, as with so much else Pearson reneged on his undertaking costing UKIP considerable support in the areas that they had agreed.