Monday, 27 September 2010

A true inspiration

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Hazel from North Wales who has collected over 500 signatures for the 100,000 petition ‘Campaign for a Referendum’ on the UK’s membership of the EU. Hazel has never been a member of a political party and only found out about the campaign when a friend showed her the leaflet. She felt so strongly about the cause, she immediately went out and completed the first form and then contacted my office for more forms. Hazel recently lost her husband who she cites as her inspiration. Shortly before his death she found him crying, she asked him why. He replied that he was upset about his country and the mess the politicians have made of it. Hazel told me this campaign was way overdue and the British people deserved a say on how they were governed. She goes out two/three times a day and has vowed to continue.
My mum, despite a recent hip operation and a problematic recovery has collected over 300 signatures. We get many calls to the office and receive lots of completed forms on a daily basis. I am overwhelmed at the level of support and the dedication of these people who truly are a inspiration to our cause.