Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Survival Training with the RAF

As part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme I took part and successfully completed the Maritime SE Drills Rotary Wing 10/12. It was a two day course at RAF Mawgan in Cornwall. Tasks involved,  being at sea in a mock ermergency situation as a group boarding a group life raft, going through various drills before leaving the sea. The second task was to re-enter the sea inflate a solo life raft, climb aboard, go through various drills ans finally being winched by a Sea King helicopter.

As you may tell from the photos it is a fantastic experience which was made even better by the professionalism of the instructors.  This was no dummy course either as serving personnel went through the same drills. Yesterday we started in the classroom then in the afternoon we practiced in the pool. Today was the real McCoy. This scheme is very worthwhile, allowing politicians the chance to witness and participate in military life. I feel incredibly privileged to take part.