Sunday, 24 October 2010

A win at last!

I was at Anfield today to see Liverpool notch up their first win since late August, beating Blackburn 2-1.  I rarely get to Anfield due to my busynschedule, so it was quite an enjoyable day in more ways than one. I am also glad at the ownership issue is now over and the future of the club is secure without debt.

The whole issue has left a nasty taste in the mouth that one of the worlds greatest clubs were brought to its knees due to the greed of businessmen. Wayne Rooney this week dominated headlines by holding his club to ransom to get a reported £250,000 a week; this reminded me of the EU's interference in football with the Bosman ruling which has allowed these overpaid prima donnas to disregard their clubs and more importantly the supporters who pay their wages.

It was also good to hear that Portsmouth are out of administration as only a few days ago it looked like the club might cease to exist.