Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Response to Last Night's Dispatches programme.

You may have seen last nights Channel 4 programme 'Dispatches' that dealt with the fraud and waste within the EU. On the surface it was a promising programme. However, it was not thorough as it either turned a blind eye to most of the fraud in the EU or was ignorant to it

In regards to myself, I was disapointed that I was not given any oppoportunity to defend the allegations made against me as many others were. I totally refute any wrongdoing as it was an adminstrative error by a former member of my staff who no longer works for me, who was also responsible for reporting the matter to the media.  This person now has a position within UKIP who I am in an acrimonous legal dispute with.

I am working closely with the Parliament who have been kind enough to replace some of the paperwork stolen from my office (a matter that was reported to the police).  A conclusion to this is expected shortly with any overpayment being returned to the parliament. I would reiterate that these monies were never deposited into my personal account but my MEP accounts, including my office account which is audited and last year showed that I used over £10,000 from my own personal income to supplement my MEP activities.


Aside from the irregularities I have highlighted above, I actually support the documentary and believe the wasteful financies of the European Union should be exposed and highlighted to the public.  I have long been a critic of the EU 'gravy train' which has recently failed its audit for the sixteenth consecutive year, which is why I am effectively campaigning for my own reduncancy and that of every other UK MEP (costing the taxpayer £2.1 million a year) in my campaign for a referendum.

The following email from OLAF (the EU's anti fraud office) dated 12th October may bear some light on this matter.

"Dear Ms. Sinclaire,

I apologize for not having contacted you earlier.

I understand from your telephonic message to OLAF Free Phone, that you wanted to be informed whether OLAF has opened an investigation into possible irregularites you may have committed as alleged by a former assistant of yours.

I can confirm to you that OLAF has not opened an internal administrative investigation into this matter.

Yours sincerely.
Danny De Raedt
European Commission
Europe Anti-Fraud Office OLAF Unit A 1 - EU Institutions.
Office 05/58 - Phone : + 32.2.***.**.** .- Fax : + 32.2.***.**.**"