Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Speech in European Parliament on Students and and the EU Budget

Mr President,

Last month in Strasbourg, this Parliament voted through a 5.9% increase in the EU budget. This included an extra 2 million for "entertainment" - to support the champagne lifestyle to which this place has become accustomed. I found the way in which colleagues applauded themselves to be offensive within the context of an economic crisis.

Today, the victims of this crisis from my constituency in Britain's West Midlands are making a stand. Students and university lecturers took their concerns to the streets of London. Whilst I deplore the action of a few today I applaud the many.

Students will be hard hit by the austerity package.

Tuition fees in universities are set to triple.

Courses are being scrapped, places are being cut back, and infrastructure will be put under more pressure.

Tomorrow's talent, that we will all rely on in the future, is being stifled. It is the younger generation that will suffer the most.

Mr President let me end with a warning your arrogance will lead to many people on the street, many more people protesting against this failed social project

Enjoy your Champagne, ladies and gentlemen.