Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Are there really just 39 MP's who beleive in Parliamentary Sovereignty?

Only 39 elected members of Parliament voted for amendment 41 of the European Union Bill that would have inserted a line re-affirming the Sovereignty of the UK Parliament over EU law. Unbelievably  319 voted against. In the debate, Richard Sheppard the MP for Aldridge Brownhills said it was unthinkable when he fist entered parliament  (1979) that such a issue would even need to be debated but over those year such sovereignty had been eroded away. Now the pro EU coalition are using a smoke and mirrors Bill to con the British people to believing  thay will stand up to the EU.

The deluge of initiatives, opt outs that might be ended and new legislation coming through and the expansion of of the EU itself will not be covered by this deceptive piece of legislation.