Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The message I gave to all Tory MEPs

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 19:40:41 +0200
From: nikki.sinclaire@europarl.europa.eu
To: charles.tannock@europarl.europa.eu; syed.kamall@europarl.europa.eu; marina.yannakoudakis@europarl.europa.eu; martin.callanan@europarl.europa.eu; robert.atkins@europarl.europa.eu; sajjad.karim@europarl.europa.eu; jacqueline.foster@europarl.europa.eu; timothy.kirkhope@europarl.europa.eu; roger.helmer@europarl.europa.eu; emma.mcclarkin@europarl.europa.eu; philip.bradbourn@europarl.europa.eu; malcolm.harbour@europarl.europa.eu; geoffrey.vanorden@europarl.europa.eu; robert.sturdy@europarl.europa.eu; vicky.ford@europarl.europa.eu; david.campbellbannerman@europarl.europa.eu; daniel.hannan@europarl.europa.eu; richardjames.ashworth@europarl.europa.eu; nirj.deva@europarl.europa.eu; james.elles@europarl.europa.eu; giles.chichester@europarl.europa.eu; julie.girling@europarl.europa.eu; ashley.fox@europarl.europa.eu; kay.swinburne@europarl.europa.eu; struan.stevenson@europarl.europa.eu; james.nicholson@europarl.europa.eu

Dear colleagues,
I trust you had a good summer break. You may have missed a YouGov poll that I commissioned a few weeks ago that showed for the first time a clear majority of the UK population (52%) wish to leave the EU with only 30% who would vote to stay in. The question was independently set by YouGov. Please find attached the YouGov report.
As you embark on your parliamentary work you might wish to consider the breakdown from Conservative voters. 74% want a referendum and 66% would vote to leave the EU.
Nikki Sinclaire MEP