Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Support Non-League day this saturday

A football  supporting MEP has taken a day out from her busy political schedule to get behind Non-League Day.

Nikki Sinclaire, an Independent MEP for the West Midlands, will spend the 3rd of September supporting Worcester City in their fixture against Corby.

However, Nikki is no stranger to the Non-League football grounds in her area. For the 2011/2012 season, Nikki has sponsored players from  13 football teams from across her region, ranging from the Championship to the
Blue Square North

With the Premier league calendar empty on that weekend, football fans from across the nation are being encouraged to fill their football free day with a non-league team of their choice. The scheme hopes that people would then consider going to watch their local sides on a more regular basis.

Nikki Sinclaire is keen to encourage others to follow her lead and take in the sights of another football club this weekend, said “Football is one of the bedrocks of our community and engages people of all ages. People may be shocked at the standard of football in the non-league system – there are many exciting teams, especially in the West Midlands area. I would encourage anybody to go and see their local non-league team; they might just be surprised at what they find”.


Notes to editors:
Non League Day is a celebration of the semi-professional and amateur game, and a chance for fans of bigger clubs to experience football at a level they may be otherwise unfamiliar with. Moreover, it is a chance to shine a light on the hundreds of clubs in this country who are almost exclusively volunteer run, and do so much good for the local community, be it through coaching, fund raising or providing opportunities for local people

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